What is Identity Safety?

Identity safe classrooms are those in which teachers strive to ensure students that their social identities are an asset rather than a barrier to success in the classroom.  And, through strong positive relationships and opportunities to learn, they feel they are welcomed, supported, and valued as members of the learning community.

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Praise for the book

Identity Safe Classrooms is an indispensable resource for every school and educator interested in ensuring a robust and equitable education for all of our nation’s youth. Steele and Cohn-Vargas help us understand, in clear and compelling ways, how students’ opportunity to learn and the identity they develop as learners is inextricably tied to the learning contexts of which they are a part. This timely and pragmatic book thoughtfully lays out a new vision of education with design principles for inclusive, respectful, and rigorous classroom environments that promote expansive and culturally validating forms of learning.
— Kris D. Gutierrez, Inaugural Provost Chair, Professor of Learning Sciences and Literacy University of Colorado at Boulder
In this timely, engaging, and needed book, Steele and Cohn-Vargas describe creative and captivating ways in which teachers can construct identity safe classrooms in which students from diverse racial, social, economic, and linguistic groups can learn and flourish.
— James A. Banks. Founding Director Center for Multicultural Education, University of Washington, Seattle

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Activities to help understand the role Identity Safety plays in your classroom.


Suggested resources for teachers who would like to create Identity Safe Classrooms in their own school.

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